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What We Do

Patch’s niche expertise in the events and conference industries, means you’ll get the best advice on where, how and when to spend your marketing budget.


We’ll invest heavily in understanding your business so we become an extension of your team, ensuring we help you focus on the best routes to market for your brand. The beauty of this is it won’t cost you a penny.

The close relationships we have with magazine and web publishers will ensure you get the most for your money and, perhaps more importantly, means we’ll deal with all the logistics and headaches that come with implementing your marketing strategy.


We work with companies developing their social media strategy, natural SEO, pay per click, web design and build.


Even if you’ve already decided how to spend your advertising budget we can still save you money on the rates you pay. We can also take the headache out of liaising with publishers and provide centralised reporting for your results. There really isn’t any excuse not to use us, is there?!

If you’ve not allocated your advertising spend yet, then our role becomes even more valuable. Our free media buying service also includes planning advice. You’ll be given a dedicated, highly experienced Account Manager who will take time to discuss your objectives, target market and budget with you. They will come up with a plan and once you’ve signed it off, you can leave the logistics to us. We’ll keep on top of your activity sending you reminders of what’s coming up and deal with all the to-ing and fro-ing of artwork deadlines. We can even oversee related aspects such as design and copywriting if your needs require.

In this service we cover on and offline advertising, on and offline directories, on and offline advertorial, media partnerships, data and events.


  • Save hours of research by staying on top of the latest, relevant opportunities through your Account Manager
  • Receive a tailor-made media plan that you can easily share with colleagues
  • One point of contact for all of your advertising, centralised reporting and centralised invoicing
  • Receive free, impartial advice on the best routes to market from Account Managers with exceptional experience of the market landscape
  • Ensure you’re paying the best possible rate by letting our buyers take care of negotiations
  • Direct cold calls to your Account Manager – no pesky sales calls anymore!
  • Save time booking, scheduling, arranging and reporting on your ad spend


Our social media experts can take care of every aspect of your social channels. Our services include channel set up, strategy creation and execution, growth, ongoing management and social advertising.

We have one of the best social marketing management platforms available which enables us to provide you with insightful reports on the engagement and growth of your following – amongst many other metrics. Would you like to know the best time to post based on past content? Or the sex, age and location of people engaging with you? We can even report on the success of particular themes or posts so overtime you can refine what your audience wants and deliver more of it.

Our social advertising team is great at putting your product in front of the right people and advising ways to leverage social platforms to bring new prospective customers into your marketing funnel. After discussing your objectives, budget and target audience you will be provided with a campaign plan. During the campaign our team regularly report back to you so you can monitor its success.


  • Outsource the day-to-day management of your social channels to save time and provide peace of mind your channels are always active
  • Have a social strategy produced and executed for you
  • Save time researching content for your posts and scheduling activity
  • Save time setting up your social media advertising campaigns and identifying the best platforms and approaches to reach your target market
  • Receive a paid social campaign plan suited to your objectives
  • Receive reports so you can analyse the success of organic growth and social media advertising


With most websites in the industry receiving over 50% of their traffic through organic searches it’s more important than ever to ensure your website appears in front of your prospective customers when they search keywords related to your business. Our SEO team account for some of the top results on the most highly competitive keywords for the events industry.

You will work with one of our Account Managers who will come up with an SEO plan suited to your budget and objectives and help you to understand the jargon involved and the activity that’s taking place. Every month of your SEO activity with us you’ll be provided with a report to show what’s been done to improve your rankings, how your positions have improved and any recommendations for website changes that could assist your SEO. Most importantly you’ll be provided with an Account Manager, not a techie, to help you to understand what’s going on.

Due to the competitive nature and ever-changing search algorithms, SEO is an activity which is best done frequently to maintain the best position. If you’re unsure about your website’s current state for search engine optimisation you can commission one of our SEO website audits that will tell you what activity needs to take place on your website to improve your search rankings and what may be on your website that is harming your search rankings might actually be harming them.


  • Get the SEO service of a large company but without maintaining the fixed overhead of hiring an SEO specialist in-house
  • Receive an Account Manager to help you plan and manage your SEO campaign and understand the technical side of your activity
  • Have peace of mind our SEO specialists are up-to-date with the latest SEO practices and releases from search engines
  • Receive easy to understand reports of what’s happened and the impact it’s had on your search rankings
  • Receive recommendations to improve your website and better your search rankings


Our team of copywriters come from both journalistic and marketing backgrounds to ensure that you get the best skill set for your project. We can cover everything from newsletters and brochures to entire websites and content-led social media campaigns.

Our content creation service is a great way to engage with your audience and demonstrate the values of your brand. It’s also an important part of growing a social media following and contact database. After discussing your objectives our team will come up with a content production plan and advise how to integrate the content they produce into your other channels and maximise the increased engagement.

Our team has worked on all kinds of content marketing plans including live events, new venues launches, white papers, advice guides and fun quizzes. Content campaigns can be highly effective and clients have seen website traffic increase by up to 70% YOY simply because of engaging content. We know from our clients this has a positive impact on their bottom line.


  • Get decent copy delivered on time
  • Tell us your objectives and values and taps into the creative brains at Patch for inspiring content ideas
  • Work directly with the copywriters to ensure the content is exactly as you want it
  • Reap the benefits of a content led campaign without having to invest the time it takes to research and set up
  • Receive advice on how to integrate content led campaigns across your other channels
  • Receive advice on how to track the success of the campaign and easily report positive results to non-marketing professionals



We can monitor and analyse marketing, sales and customer service within your business. This service is especially useful if you feel a particular area is underperforming and want to know why. We can hone in on certain aspects of your marketing, sales and customer service and analyse how it is performing against key metrics before providing you with a comprehensive report and recommendations. Our business performance analysis services include:

  • Soft website audits: We offer soft website audits where we audit all of your content, analyse user experience (UX), image formatting, links and copy to ensure everything is up to date and the site user friendly. After the audit you’ll be presented with a report with recommendations for changes. This is the best way to ensure your site is maximised and you’re not losing business due to poor content or UX. A member of our team can implement the changes for you if required.
  • Hard website audits: Hard website audits cover the technical aspect of your website. Your website is scanned to identify the amount of links in and out and any problem links or scripts that could be part of your site. This is the best way to ensure your website is technically performing well and also to have a clear picture of which third party sites are linked to, or have script on, your website. If you feel your website is underperforming, or feel at risk of a data breach, this could be the best way to have a clear picture of your problems.
  • SEO audits: If you want to do your own SEO we can audit your website to advise which activity should take place in order to optimise your search engine presence. At the end of the audit you will be presented with a report outlining what needs to be done to bring your site up to speed with SEO current best practice. If you want the changes implemented by us you can use our SEO service as a one off for a set of changes or on a regular basis to constantly keep your SEO performing at its best.


Our designers are skilled at producing creatives for all digital and print mediums. From banner ads and exhibition stands to entire websites, there’s nothing they can’t turn their hand to. Your Account Manager will oversee the entire project from start to finish and handle the logistics of any extra elements including copywriting and media buying.


  • Experienced designers that know the events and hospitality industry
  • One point of contact for your entire campaign or project including all aspects involved
  • Discuss your objective and receive design advice from your account manager
  • Clients can use our design service on its own or combine it with other services like advertising fulfilment, copywriting, brochure production, print sourcing and management, or email marketing campaign management


From copywriting for a single e-shot to preparing and managing entire automated and triggered email campaigns, our email marketing team can help.

This service covers all aspects of the process including: set up of email marketing platforms, cleansing, segmenting and transferring data between systems, preparing web infrastructure to support your data acquisition strategy, designing new email templates, writing email copy and loading into existing templates, image and content research/selection and post activity analysis.


  • Ensure your emails are following best practices for design and structure. They’ll look their best and won’t end up in the spam folder
  • Save internal resources and have peace of mind your emails will be going out on time
  • Outsource the time consuming, technical work of email marketing
  • Set up automated emails and triggered activity without having to pay for the skills in house
  • Build segments and use them to make better targeted email campaigns, increase engagement and lower unsubscribes
  • Ensure your data is not stale and getting you added to spam black lists
  • Automate your data collection and categorisation process to save time transferring data between systems


Online directories and venue finding websites can be effective at referring qualified traffic to your website and generating enquiries – but there are so many to choose from it’s hard to know which ones to use and to keep them all up to date. Who has the time?

Do you know all of the places you are listed? Do you know the last time each listing was updated? Do you wish you had a bigger web footprint but don’t have time? That’s where we come in. We will collate and audit all of your existing listings ensuring your most up to date information and photos are online so you never miss a lead again. For a small monthly fee we will maintain as many listings as you need, ensuring they’re bursting with relevant news, fully optimised and always have your most up-to-date information presented. We’ll also take care of uploading and on-going management. Imagine; one email and your entire web presence is updated.


  • Get a handle on your online listings and ensure incorrect or old information isn’t costing you business
  • Receive free advice on the best way to allocate your budget for online directories
  • Have one point of contact to update your entire web footprint
  • Receive reports covering your web presence so you can easily compare and identify what’s working
  • Avoid being embarrassed by a client or colleague reporting an out of date web listing
  • Effectively increase your web footprint, drive more traffic to your website and receive more enquiries